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USVI vs BVI...what's the scoop?

For those that are not aware, the British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands make up what is commonly known as "The Virgin Islands." The BVI and USVI are very close to each other, with just over half a mile (1 km) being the closest distance. However, they are different countries with their own rules and regulations. The USVI is part of the USA, and the British Virgin Islands is an independent country, but with ties to the Britian. They are often either thought of as one territory, or compared with each other rather drastically. The USVI is often described as too populated and touristy, and the BVI is considered more tranquil and ideal cruising grounds. Before Covid-19, people chartering yachts in the Virgin Islands would often fly into St. Thomas, USVI, and then get whisked away by their yacht and crew to head straight to the BVI. However, with the BVI travel restrictions due to Covid-19, the USVI has become a hotspot for charter yacht vacations, with travelers discovering its many little-known idyllic locations and wonderful charter itineraries, as well as ease of travel with more flight connections and fewer borders to cross.

That said, with the BVI and USVI being equally popular destinations now, and current regulations in place, the yachts are choosing to either do a USVI-only Itinerary or a BVI-only Itinerary, to avoid complications when crossing borders between the two. So, when considering options in the Virgin Islands, it's best to also decide whether you prefer the USVI or the BVI, and both options provide their own great reasons to go there. The USVI offers cheaper flights and ease of travel, especially for US Citizens, but the BVI is generally considered to provide a better charter itinerary. Both areas offer great choices of yachts and crew, as well as excellent snorkeling, diving, and an array of activities.

Check out the Destination Highlights and Sample Itineraries below:

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