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8 Days in the BVI

The British Virgin Islands, also known as the sailing capital of the Caribbean, is one of the most popular cruising destinations. The beautiful subtropical weather, moderated by the trade winds from the Northeast, make it a sailor's paradise. Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anagada, Jost Van Dyke, and more than 50 other islands and cays make up the beautiful British Virgin Islands. 


This round trip 8 day itinerary from Tortola, BVI will guide you on your ultimate journey cruising around to some of the most famous and popular spots, including The Baths, North Sound, Anegada, White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, the Caves, and the Indians. 

Day 1: Tortola to Norman Island 

  • 5 Nautical Miles 

  • 30 minutes cursing at 10 knots 

  • 50 minutes cruising at 6 knots

Norman Island is home to the famous William Thornton, also known as the Willy-T, a floating bar that offers up some fantastic drinks with great atmosphere in The Bight anchorage. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, across the bay is Pirate's beach bar, a great spot for some lunch and afternoon fun with their beach games. Jump in for a snorkel at The Indians and The caves. Many sailors will tell you there is treasure to be found in The Caves! Beautiful schools of fish surround the Indians, along with a bright, thriving coral reef. 

Day 2: Norman Island to Cooper Island

  • 8 Nautical Miles

  • 50 minutes cruising at 10 knots 

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes cruising at 6 knots

Wake up in paradise and sail around to Peter Island for some great snorkeling and diving. There are several old shipwrecks on the south side of the island. Snorkel up close to several resident green sea turtles in crystal clear water at Little Harbour on the north side of the island. Little Harbour is a fantastic spot for some water toys like tubing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, and kayaking!  After stopping at Little Harbor for lunch, cruise over to Cooper Island for some more great activities! Cooper Island, an eco resort, is open to all offering boutique shops, a fantastic restaurant, and home to a rum bar with a collection of over 280 rums. Cistern Point is another great spot for a snorkel and dive. ​

Day 3: Cooper Island to North Sound, Virgin Gorda 

  • 10 Nautical Miles

  • 1 hour cruising at 10 knots 

  • 1 hour and 40 minutes cruising at 6 knots

The Baths National Park on Virgin Gorda are one of the most popular locations in the BVI and a great place to spend the day. The Baths are a natural geological wonder composed of giant grant boulder formations as large as 40 feet in diameter. They are surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Hike through these giant boulders, exploring their natural wonder and end up at Devil's Bay. Devil's Bay is a popular anchorage, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. After a fulfilled day at The Baths, cruise along the western shore and around the headland to North Sound, also known as the millionaires playground to sailors. North Sound is home to Richard Branson’s two islands, Necker, and Mosquito, as well as Larry page’s Island Eustacia. You’ll find Bitter End Yacht Club, Saba Rock, Oil Nut Bay Resort, and Levric Bay Resort all among North Sound. It is another fantastic location for some water sports, or a snorkel on the surrounding reefs. 

Day 4: North Sound to Anegada 

  • 13 Nautical Miles 

  • 1 hour and a half cruising at 10 knots 

  • 2 hours and 10 minutes cruising at 6 knots 


Anegada is a beautiful flat sandy island surrounded by a stunning horseshoe reef. It is the largest reef in the Caribbean and it’s low-lying reef make it a perfect spot for exploration. The best way to explore the entire island is by renting a mini moke. While touring around the island, be sure to stop and see the flamingos and fisherman warf on your way to some fantastic secluded beaches like Loblolly Bay and Cow Wreck Beach. The best spot for a sunset cocktail is Anegada Beach Club and to top off the day, dine ashore for a local Anegada lobster dinner. Be sure to book and pre-order your dinner ahead of time! 

Day 5: Anegada to Cane Garden Bay

  • 23 Nautical Miles 

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes cruising at 10 knots 

  • 3 hours and 50 minutes cruising at 6 knots

On Tortola’s north shore lies Cane Garden Bay, a favored anchorage lined with beach bars and live entertainment. You’ll find Collingwoods Rum distillery a short walk away, as well as some great local restaurants like Myett’s and Quitos. The sunsets at cane garden light up the beach golden orange and red, perfect for a sunset paddleboard. 

Day 6:  Cane Garden Bay to Jost Van Dike

  • 3 Nautical Miles 

  • 20 minutes cruising at 10 knots 

  • 30 minutes cruising at 6 knots

Jost Van Dyke is home to the world-famous Soggy Dollar at White Bay. The Pain Killer cocktail was created here in the 1970’s, and it has since been one of the most popular cocktails in the Virgin Islands. This delicious coconut and pineapple concoction is a very tasty treat! In Great Harbour, the next bay along, you’ll find Foxy’s, a fantastic bar and restaurant established in 1968. Mick Jagger, Kenny Chesney, Richard Branson and many more have visited Foxy’s and you may even find their signature written somewhere in the bar.  It is rumored that Van Moresson wrote the song “Brown Eyed Girl” on his visit to Foxy’s. Over on the east side of Jost Van Dyke you will find Sandy Cay, Sandy Spit and Diamond Cay. All stunning picturesque locations and a great spot for some water sports, a swim, or a hike. 

Day 7:  Jost Van Dyke to Soper’s Hole, Tortola

  • 4 Nautical Miles 

  • 25 minutes cruising at 10 knots 

  • 40 minutes cruising at 6 knots

Spend the morning and early afternoon on Jost Van Dyke and sail over to Soper’s Hole on the most western point of Tortola in the late afternoon. You’ll find Pussers Warf and some fantastic little shops for a little souvenir shopping. Try some local chonch fritters at Pussers and stop in at Arawak for a great selection of souvenirs. 

Day 8: Soper’s Hole to Road Town

  • 7 Nautical Miles 

  • 45 minutes cruising at 10 knots 

  • One hour and 10 minutes cruising at 6 knots


Cruise around to Road Town and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before taking a taxi to Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS). If you are flying out of St. Thomas, get picked up by a water taxi at Soper’s Hole or ferry back to St. Thomas from Sopers Hol or Road Town. Please see current travel restrictions before booking your flights and travel plans to and from the BVI. Speak to one of our brokers for up-to-date travel information!  

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