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From Dance Clubs and elegant dining to dockside restaurants and make-shift “beach bars”, you can enjoy the vibrant bar scene and nightlife ashore.  Whether you’re looking for a late-night party or just want to sit back in the sun, you can socialize with the locals and other cruisers enjoying their Charter Yacht vacation.


From local craft and artisan shops to fashionable boutiques and jewelry stores, you find that perfect memento from your vacation and enjoy the excellent shopping that many of the charter destinations have to offer.  


Go for a leisure snorkel as you discover the incredible underwater world right at the waters edge from your yacht.  Explore awe-inspiring coral reefs that are teeming with sea life. Watch as this amazing ecosystem orchestrates itself before your eyes, displaying a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. 

Scuba Diving

Immerse yourself in the amazing scuba diving available at some of the most world-renowned scuba diving and charter destinations around the world.  Whether you're an expert or want to learn, your Charter Yacht is the perfect scuba diving platform, with the comfort and luxury of warm showers and delicious meals to enjoy between dives, making for the ultimate charter adventure and experience. 

Jet-Skiing/Wake-Boarding/Tubing etc.

Watch your kids having the time of their lives, as they zip back and forth, or hop on yourself and feel the exhilarating rush of skimming on the ocean surface.  Whether your experienced or a novice, most yachts have an array of water-sports equipment that can include jet skis, wake-boards, knee-boards, water-skis, tubes, and more!


Enjoy the tranquil and rhythmic exercise of padding on a kayak or SUP.  Explore the serene shallow waters, peaceful inlets, and caves which only accessible by kayak or SUP.  Discover the amazing ecosystems and birdlife within. Most yachts have multiple kayaks and SUP’s for you to use, or they can easily be rented if need be.


Troll for dinner from the deep sea or snare a lobster.  Snag an elusive bone Fish from the inlet shallows. A charter yacht allows you to enjoy some incredible fishing grounds in luxury, with many yachts specialized for fishing enthusiasts.  And, of course, a fishing adventure would not be complete without the remarkable tales of the ones that got away!

Windsurfing, Kite-boarding, Surfing, etc. 

Zip across the ocean surface, as you control the power of the wind to go wherever you choose.  Most charter destination not only have serene tranquil bays, but also shores that are exposed to the ocean swell and provide excellent surfing conditions.  Some yachts specialize in these watersports and offer instructions as well as equipment, so whether you are experienced or want to learn, there are options for you.


Hike up to the hill peak for an incredible panoramic view, exploring the local flora and fauna along the way.   Don’t forget to bring your camera, so you can capture the wonderful sights to cherish later. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and surroundings…and perhaps burn off the Crème Brule you had last night!  


Stroll the ocean shoreline, feeling the warm sand on your feet and letting the turquoise waters gently wash over your toes.  Watch the rhythmic motion that each wave brings and listen to its peaceful melody. Search for the perfect shell as your memento of this idyllic setting and wonderful experience.

Cultural and Historical Sightseeing

Explore the architecture and archaeological findings of olden days, as you discover the tales and history they share.  From hieroglyphics to ancient cities, and museums or galleries. Take delight in traditional festivals and cultural celebrations, as a parade of costumes, culinary delights, and rituals are enjoyed by all.  

Bars and Nightlife
Beach bar nights.jpg

On a Charter Yacht Vacation, each day offers a new opportunity for an array of activities and adventures!  There is so much to do and explore, with activities to suit everyone's pleasure, even if it's just sitting back and relaxing with a good book.

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