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Charter Yacht Options

Whether sailing is your pleasure or power yachts are your passion, The Charter Yacht Company will help you find the perfect Charter Yacht to suit your preferences and fit your budget. 

Catamaran Sailing Yacht
Catamaran Yachts.jpg

Ranging from 35ft – over 100ft, Sailing Catamarans boast open-concept designs, spacious staterooms, and vast deck space, providing personal space for everyone.  They are very stable on the water as you glide along on an exciting sail.  With their shallow keels, they can navigate into secluded locations and tranquil waters right of the coastline.  Since Catamarans sit low on the water, it's easy to be connected with those swimming while others lounge in the cockpit.  Catamarans offer incredible luxury and comfort for their size.   

Monohull Sailing Yachts
monohull yachts.JPG

From classic yachts and superyachts, to cruising and performance yachts, you can enjoy the thrill of monohull sailing to suit your preference and budget.  As the wind fills your sails and you begin to heel, feel the Yacht propel forward as you slice through the water on an exhilarating sail.  Join a local regatta that exciting competition, great parties, and often have both racing and cruising yacht divisions.  Monohulls are also great yachts to learn to sail on, whether it's for a hobby or to complete a sailing course and certification.  

Power Yachts
Power yachts.jpg

Boasting multilevel decks, lavish accommodations, and elite amenities, Power Yachts offer their guests pure luxury and comfort.  Explore as much of the destination as possible, as you zip from one location to the next with ease and speed.   From Power Catamarans to Mega Yachts, there is a range of power yachts to suit various preferences and budgets, offering a seemingly endless variety of amenities and luxuries.  

Fully Crewed Yacht Charters
luxury motor yacht charter rental.jpg

On a Crewed Yacht, your friendly and professional Crew will guide you to all the best locations to suit your preferences and endeavors, whether it's teaching you to scuba dive or sail, towing you on a wakeboard, hiking, nightlife, and more.  They will pamper you with fine dining and delicious cocktails, all set to your preferences.  Sit back and enjoy and let your professional Crew take care of everything for you.  Check out some some wonderful Yacht and Crew Reviews

Captain Only Charters
luxury motor yacht charter rental.jpg

Hire a professional skipper to navigate and take responsibility for the vessel, so you can relax with the peace of mind of having someone on board who knows the mechanics of the yacht and local waters.  Some skippers also offer sailing instruction, which is a great way to give you the confidence to bareboat charter on your own in the future.  You can provision and cook for yourselves or dine ashore at the local restaurants.  

Learn to Sail Charters
luxury motor yacht charter rental.jpg

With a Certified Sailing Instructor Skipper aboard, you can learn the ropes and obtain Certifications while enjoying the pleasures of a charter yacht vacation.   Whether you have never sailed before and want to learn, or just want to increase your current ability, this is a fun way to learn new skills each day and prepare you to bareboat charter in the future.

Bareboat Charters
Bareboat Charters.png

On a bareboat charter, you are the Captain and Crew, with the freedom and confidence to explore amazing boating destinations around the world.  You will be provided with cruising guides, as well as in-depth chart and boat briefing, and local support contacts, so you can cast off with confidence and excitement as you commence on your adventure.  Provisioning is made easy by either arranging to have your supplies already onboard or visiting the local shops to stock up on your own.  Dining at the local restaurants is also a great way to enjoy the vibrant culture ashore.

Multiple Yacht and Flotilla Charters
Multiple Yacht Charters.png

Multiple yacht charters are a ton of fun and the perfect way to bring friends and family together, whether it's a family reunion, groups of families or couples, or a corporate incentive trip.  You can have fun races from one location to the next and raft up together at anchor.  If people want to do different things, i.e., some want to fish or scuba dive, while others want to sunbathe or go ashore, then the yachts can always split up and rendezvous later.  Whether you choose a fully crewed yacht or bareboat, multiple yacht charters are always a blast.  

By-The-Cabin Charters
By The Cabin Charters.png

For singles or couples wanting to charter an all-inclusive Crewed Yacht at fantastic rates and in the company of other travelers, an all-inclusive By-The-Cabin Charter is a perfect choice and a great alternative to crowded cruise ships. You can pursue your endeavors, with multiple Crew ready to take you diving, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, beaching, and much, much more. These yachts are all about fun, as you explore the gorgeous islands, sharing great times and adventures with others.

Scuba Diving Charters
Scuba Divign Charters.png

Whether you are an experienced diver, or you want to learn, the ease of diving right from your Yacht is an excellent experience.  Between dives, you can hop in a warm shower and reminisce about the dive you just had and get ready for your next underwater exploration.  A selection of our fully crewed yachts offer scuba diving on board, with some also offering for those who want to learn and experience this fantastic sport.

Other Specialty Charters
other specialty charters.png

Many yachts and Crew specialize in various activities, such as yoga and wellness retreat style charters, extended passage charters, surfing or kiteboarding charters, fishing charters, etc.   Let us know what your passions and endeavors are, and we will show the best Yacht and Crew to suit you!

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