Rates & Availability

Contact The Charter Yacht Company today, so we can present you with a selection of Charter Yachts that best suit your preference and budget.  We personally inspect each Yacht to offer you precise, first-hand information.  Our service is at no extra charge to you and our expert advice is unbiased, solely representing your best interests.  We are alert to any Special Offers and always take pride in recommending yachts that offer you the best value for your money.  We will provide you with the information and guidance you need for the perfect Charter Yacht Vacation.   

When considering yacht options please note the following: 

  • "All-inclusive" means all-inclusive of provisions (wonderfully prepared meals, appetizers, and snacks), open bar and cocktails, fuel, and all running expenses.​

  • "Plus Expenses" mean plus provisions and all running expenses.

  • You can generally start and finish your charter any day of the week.

  • The rates listed are based on 7 nights.  There is generally a 7 night minimum for Christmas and New Years Week charters.  You can charter for fewer days during other times if you prefer.  Charters for more or less than 7 nights are prorated, so divide by 7 and multiply by the desired number of days.  Charters for less than 6 nights incur a Short Term Charter Premium.  Charters for more than 7 nights may offer a discounted rate.

  • The sample menus are just examples of the meals prepared onboard.  I will send you a Preference Sheet and the chef will provision the yacht and create a menu customized to your preference.  The Chefs are very versatile and can prepare meals suited to your personal preferences and dietary requirements.

  • For All-inclusive rates, we may be able to negotiate "Half Board" rates, where you dine ashore a few meals at the local restaurants if you prefer.  

  • A crew gratuity is customary, and generally 15% of the charter cost.

  • Some of the yachts offer scuba diving onboard.  For the yachts which do not offer scuba onboard, you can always do what is called a “rendezvous dive” where the local dive boat comes right alongside your yacht and takes you diving.  The cost for this is approx. $150/2dive and includes gear.  This option is available for new or experienced divers.  

  • Extra kayaks, paddleboards, fishing gear, etc. can be inventoried on your yacht if need be.

  • Please note that most yachts do not have standard “King” or “Queen” size mattresses. Often the e-brochures will indicate “double", “queen" or “king" as an estimation.  Also, some of the e-brochures will only indicate “double” or “single”, referring to the fact that the bed is either designed to sleep one or two people, regardless of the actual measurement of the mattress.  If you have any confusion or concerns in this regard, please let us know and we will help clarify.

  • Often you can’t judge a yacht by its size since some of the newer smaller designs boast more comfort than the older bigger ones.  Also, Catamarans are larger in width compared to monohulls.

  • In the case where someone else already has a hold for your dates, we can “challenge” their hold by giving them 48hrs to confirm their booking, or the no-obligation hold becomes ours to with as we wish.

You are also welcome to Search Yachts in our online database of Crewed Yachts.  However, by contacting us directly we can provide you with the most comprehensive information and best match for your preferences.  Upon your inquiries, we will send you a list of e-brochures and rates for our top-recommended Yachts based on your preferences and budget.