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British  Virgin Islands Highlights

Referred to as the chartering capital of the Caribbean, with its warm trade winds, crystal clear water, and close-knit island chain, the Virgin Islands are truly a cruisers paradise.  This area offers pristine bays, white sandy beaches and glorious coral reefs.  With each island having its own unique atmosphere, there is something to intrigue everyone in these waters, whether it's partying it up at the local beach bars or tucking your yacht into a secluded bay without another soul in sight.  


Norman Island

Explore The Caves and marvel at this amazing land formation and an array of tropical fish.  Scuba dive Angel Fish Reef, with numerous caverns and a glimpse at some pelagic-sized ocean species.  The Bight of Norman Island ishome to two of the BVI's greatest party spots, The Willy T and Pirates.  Hike up Spy Glass Hill, a historical look-out from the pirate days.  Snorkel or scuba dive The Indians, which are four large pinnacles protruding from the ocean, creating astonishing coral formations and a plethora of tropical fish.  Tuck away in serene Benures or Soldier Bay, with its wonderful coral reef and stunning sunsets. 


Peter Island

Bask in the pristine waters and white sandy beach of Dead Man's Bay, or take a leisurely snorkel along the extensive reef that borders Great Harbour.  Settle into Little Harbour and enjoy its tranquil surroundings, with crystal clear waters.  Hike the nature trail of Peter Island for a spectacular view of the island chain. Snorkel the excellent reef at Key Bay and stroll the beautiful pristine beach of White Bay.


Salt Island/Cooper Island/Ginger Island

 Snorkel or scuba dive the famous Wreck of The Rhone, which is an ancient ship that sank in 1867.  Awe in the beautiful coral formations and resident fish that now inhabit its structure.  Explore the beautiful landscapes of Salt Island and learn of its incredible history.   Manchineel Bay on Cooper Island offers exciting snorkeling, a great bar, and excellent sunsets.  Visit the "backside" for some fantastic diving and awe-inspiring land formations.  Ginger Islands is an uninhabited island with rugged cliff sides and outstanding scuba diving, which are sure to impress


Virgin Gorda

The Baths are a remarkable geological formationof gigantic boulders toppled upon each other, creating caves and pools of water, which are incredible to explore.  Savannah Bay offers beautiful beach dunes and turquoise waters.  Mountain Point is a peaceful cove with a gorgeous coral reef to explore.  North Sound is a cruisers hub, with numerous marinas and resorts, a great place to enjoy the nightlife ashore.  Tuck into Eustatia Sound and Deep Bay to bask in the serenity, gorgeous seascape, and coral reefs.  The Dogs are a little cluster of islands off Virgin Gorda, with outstanding coral reefs and home to many tropical birds.



Set your watch to "island time," as you discover this tranquil Caribbean paradise with endless white sand beaches rimmed with dreamlike turquoise waters.  Snorkel or dive the fantastic coral reefs and shipwrecks that surround the island.  Savor the local grilled langouste lobster and fresh fish served at family-run establishments.


Beef Island/Camenoe Islands/Scrub Island/Guana Island

Trellis Bay, is a great place to start your charter, with the airport only a two minute’s walk away from your yacht.   Tuck into the serene Cam or Lee Bay on either side of Great Camenoe.  Enjoy the excellent restaurant at Scrub Island or Marina Cay.  Explore the underwater odyssey of Monkey Point of Guana Island and stroll the beautiful beach of White Bay.  Awe in the beauty of the astonishing natural beauty of these islands, above and below the water's edge.



Cane Garden Bay has a beautiful white sandy beach, gorgeous sunsets, and is an excellent spot for dining and dancing in the evening hours.  Sopers Hole offers a great marina with colorful Caribbean architecture and local shops.  Road Town is a great place to start your charter, with its vibrant culture, history, and social scene.

Jost Van Dyke

White Bay is home to The Soggy Dollar Bar and is rimmed with a breathtaking sandy beach and warm aquamarine waters.  Great Harbour is the sleepy town of Jost Van Dyke, with a laidback Caribbean atmosphere and the famous Foxy's Bar and Restaurant.  Explore the Bubblies between Little Jost Van Dyke, with a beautiful beach and surging ocean swell.   Awe in the idyllic beauty of the uninhabited islands of Green Cay and Sandy Cay, with their powder-white beaches.

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