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Wonderful USVI-only Charter on Viramar!

"We had an amazing time on the Viramar. Our expectations were exceeded from the minute we stepped on the yacht until we were dropped off at the airport. Tyler and Erika were both gracious and attentive and made sure we did not want for anything. It is evident that Erika takes much pride in her chef duties and surprised us at every meal. Her Thanksgiving prime rib would have been my favorite had it not been for the fact that Tyler turned my husband into the "lobster whisperer" and three of their dives netted some incredible dinner fare with enough left over for a morning lobster bake. Tyler was extremely knowledgeable and not only excelled as a scuba instructor but kept everyone entertained with water activities and card games. Erika had studied our preference sheets and the snack bar felt like home!

I will say that the 1-year-old and the 3-year-old were not on their best behavior at times and they tried Erika's patience, but she hung in there. She had prepared games and crafts and had Thanksgiving decorations for the older ones to make. We laughed because Tyler spent the entire trip trying to win over the baby but he couldn't pick her up without some crying. Erika, on the other hand, had no problem and little Quin had warmed right up to her.

On our first full day, the eight-year-old was swimming at the front of the boat and a dolphin came right up to him and swam within five feet of him for several minutes which was an amazing surprise. He was scratching himself on the anchor chain and just hung out with Gage long enough for us to take pictures and make a great memory. We saw a rare spotted eagle ray, stingrays, manta rays, turtles, dolphins, and much more. We fished and caught a tuna and a barracuda and a couple of other fish. Erika made a marvelous ceviche from the tuna. At one mooring we had pizza brought to us and at another, we took the dinghy to the floating taco bar - which was both unique and the tacos were great!

Due to hectic schedules and the like, this entire trip was planned using only email and text messages but came off without a single hitch. With all the Covid restrictions and problems, it was great to escape everything and relax. There was enough internet and cell service to check in at home and make sure all was well. We made lasting friends and we know we will get together again at some point and are looking forward to it."

Thank you to the Crew, Tyler and Erika, for all your hard work in making an incredible charter experience for my clients on their recent charter in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The group was a 3-generation family with a 1yr, 3yr, and 8yr old and they had a wonderful trip from beginning to end, even with the extra challenges of traveling during Covid-19.

VIRAMAR 56 Feet. (Cat)

Sleeps 8 Guests in 3 Queen(s), 1 Twin(s)



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