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Large Group Charter Vacations

Whether you are a group of 10 or more, there are Charter Yacht Options for you! There are many yachts that can accommodate groups of 10 or 12, and a few that can accommodate up to 20 people, ranging from large monohulls and gullets, to catamarans and motor yachts. For larger groups, you can charter a large capacity yacht that can accommodate 20-70 guests, or you can do a multiple yacht charter, where you charter more than one yacht and cruise together. Whether you are a group of friends, families, or colleagues, The Charter Yacht Company will help arrange the best yacht options, itinerary and activities to enjoy as a group. If you are celebrating a special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary, etc., we will assist you in the planning.

Multiple Yacht Charter

Multiple yacht charters are a ton of fun and the perfect way to bring large groups together on an island-hopping adventure! Whether you are a large family, multiple families, or a group of friends or couples, it's a wonderful way to explore the charter destinations together. In most cases, you can raft up together at anchor. If the people in your group want to do different things, i.e., some want to fish or scuba dive, while others would like to sunbathe or go ashore, then the yachts can always split up and rendezvous later. You can still have meals and social gatherings together, whether it's on the yacht, at the beach, or at a local establishment. Multiple Yacht Charters are a great way for multiple families to charter together, as you still have one yacht for just you and your family, but can join with the other families for social activities. Some people like to split their group for the evening activities, such as the adults on one yacht, enjoying a wonderful evening of fine dining and drinks, while the kids on the other yacht, enjoying a more kid-friendly meal and movie night. Another fun option is "girls nights" and "boys nights", where the gals and guys split up for the night. We have even had groups plan fun contests with each other throughout the charter! Contact us for more details!

Large Capacity Yachts

Large Capacity Yachts range from sailing catamarans, gullets, to power yachts. Most can accommodate 20-40, but there are also some that can accommodate 40-50, and even a few that can accommodate up to 70. These yachts are ideal for groups of families, family reunions, corporate incentive trips, and weddings, etc. A charter like this is such an incredible way to bring your friends, colleagues, or loved ones together. It creates such a unique and epic experience, with so many memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us for more details!

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