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Benefits of a One-Way Charter

On a Charter Yacht Vacation the itinerary is set to your preference, so if you want to cruise, hit the beach, explore the shore-side towns, fish, hike, or tuck the yacht into a sheltered cove and enjoy the gorgeous views; you can do all this and more (or less) right from your yacht. One-way Charter itineraries are a great way to maximize your charter experience, and thoroughly explore the charter destinations. There are so many destinations that are ideal for a one-way charter, including the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands or Windward Islands, French Riviera, Croatia, French Polynesia, and more!

A one-way yacht charter itinerary, sometimes called an open-jaw, or open-end itinerary, enables you to embark on your yacht charter at one destination and disembark at another. In contrast, standard yacht charter itineraries typically require you to embark and disembark at the same port of call. A one-way itinerary means you can explore more of the cruising area, without having to back track. It's especially beneficial in destinations where there is a prevailing wind and sea in one direction, allowing you to literally "go with the flow", in more sense than one. It's also ideal in areas where there is not a circular bunch of islands or one large island, and rather just a coastline or a long chain of islands, such as French Rivera, Italian Coast, and Croatia.

A One-way charter itinerary allows you to discover a new piece of paradise each day! Contact us for more details!

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