BELIZE Charter Yacht Vacations

BELIZE Charter Yacht Vacations ….the ultimate way to experience the best of Belize! Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world. With pristine waters and endless itinerary options, Belize is truly an island-hopping paradise. Explore the gorgeous beaches and coral reefs with an array of wildlife to discover. From tranquil bays only accessible by boat, to bustling towns with intriguing culture. Venture ashore to visit grand Mayan temples or float on a tube through the largest cave network in Central America. There is so much to do and explore in Belize and your private charter yacht will take you to some of the world’s best snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and kayaking sites. Discover the amazing under-water world with world-class scuba diving and snorkeling throughout the island chain.

Check out the following island highlights: ⦁ Rendezvous Caye – Rimmed with beautiful white beach and surrounded by gorgeous coral reef, this island offers fantastic snorkeling with an abundance of tropical fish. ⦁ Bluefield Range - Providing a safe ‘lagoon-style” anchorage, with two fish camps, there is almost always a choice of fresh seafood for dinner. ⦁ Colson Cayes - Another fishing camp anchorage, the Colson Cayes offer an intriguing lagoon to explore by dinghy or kayak and plenty of coral reefs to snorkel. ⦁ Tobacco Caye - An island-time anchorage with several bars and restaurants to enjoy and great snorkeling nearby. ⦁ South Water Caye – Home to three resorts to visit and gorgeous beaches to enjoy. ⦁ Placencia – With plenty of restaurants in the village, this is a great place to start your charter and enjoy the culture ashore. ⦁ Laughing Bird Caye - A marine reserve with some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving you’ll find inside the barrier reef. ⦁ Buttonwood & Little Water Caye - Both cayes are excellent anchorages. ⦁ Queen Cayes - Located quite close to the reef, these three tiny coral islands offer great snorkeling. ⦁ Ranguana & Tom Owens Caye - Both Cayes are right on the reef, with superb snorkeling. ⦁ Nicholas Caye – This sheltered anchorage offers excellent snorkeling. Hop in the dinghy to explore Hunting and Lime Cayes to the south, and Franks Caye and Northeast Sapodilla to the north. All theses Cayes have great snorkeling and beaches, and there is an island-style restaurant on Franks Caye. ⦁ The Rio Dulce of Guatemala - Just 25 short miles south of the Sapodilla Cayes lies the port of Livingston in Guatemala. As you enter the river, the natural beauty begins with 800-foot cliffs on either side of this tropical rain-forest canopy. You’ll see the Maya paddling their dugout dories, fishing along the river as they have for thousands of years. A local restaurant provides a great stop along the way, serving fresh fish and local cuisine. Take a bath across the river at the natural hot spring. ⦁ Continue on towards Fronteras, with numerous marinas along the coast and cottages for the wealthy Guatemalans. There are plenty of choices for dinning out, night life ashore and convenient provisioning. ⦁ Lighthouse, Turneffe & Glovers - These incredible atolls in pristine turquoise waters are an awe-inspiring sight and outstanding adventure for those who experience them.