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Covid-19 Update of reopening Road Town Jetty to incoming visitors as of April 15th, 2021

The BVI will be reopening of Road Town Jetty to incoming visitors as of April 15th, 2021. What does this mean for Charter Yacht Vacationers?

As many people are advent sailors of the BVI waters they know that flying through St. Thomas airport, USVI and taking a ferry across into the BVI was a great option to board your chartered yacht. Since the beginning of Covid-19 the BVI seaports have remained closed to the USVI making the only way of entering the BVI by flying through Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport in Tortola, BVI. Flying through Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport is a fantastic option because you arrive in the middle of the best cruising area, but it does not offer many flight options coming from the US mainland. St. Thomas usually has more flight options available direct from the US mainland, they are usually less expensive, and is it only a short ferry ride over to Tortola where you can board your yacht. Charter Yacht Vacationers will once again have the option to take a ferry from St. Thomas to the BVI as of April 15th, 2021.

There will be only one daily round trip ferry service for this initial period. Ferry passengers arriving and departing the British Virgin Islands must reserve a ticket with Smith's Ferries, Road Town Fast Ferry, or Native Sun. The new international ferry passenger schedule is as follows:

  • All ferries will depart Road Town, Tortola for Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas at 10:00 a.m.

  • All ferries will depart Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas for Road Town, Tortola at 4:00 p.m.

Visitors will need to submit a BVI Gateway Application before entry into the BVI. This portal will go live on April 8th, 2021 for visitors entering by ferry to Road Town. You will also need to follow these steps for Traveling to the BVI by Ferry. Visitors will also need to follow all protocols in place while visiting the BVI. Please see this link for more information about Sailing the British Virgin Islands During Covid-19. Here you will find a Sample Itinerary of sailing the BVI and Protocols that need to be followed while visiting.

There are still no announcements as to when private and charter yachts may transit back and forth from the USVI to the BVI.

The Charter Yacht Company looks forward to keeping you updated as the BVI continues to reopen and ease restrictions!

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