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Private Charter Yacht Vacation Amid Covid-19

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With the current concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are choosing private Charter Yacht Vacations. Cruising on a private charter yacht offers a contained living space to explore incredible cruising destinations, with a new location each day and wonderful adventures to experience. You are in control of your itinerary, so you can easily choose more remote areas with little to no interaction with other travelers. As an industry, we are taking extra precautions to reduce the possible spread of the virus. It is easy to ensure the yacht and contents are thoroughly sanitized before your boarding. Charter Crew are following strict protocols and being monitored and screened for the virus regularly.

We are in close contact with the authorities for cruising destinations, to ensure we have the latest information to provide our clients. We are implementing clauses in the Charter Agreements that allow you to cancel or reschedule your charter if it is affected by travel restrictions or quarantine orders. If borders are scheduled to close during your charter, we are here to assist you in ensuring you return home in time. Many of our North American clients are choosing destinations that are closer to home so they can also travel privately to the yacht, such as the Caribbean, East/West Coast USA/Canada, and the Bahamas. However, there are commercial flights being scheduled worldwide, and airlines are also implementing extra precautions to protect against the spread of the virus.


As countries plan to reopen their borders and businesses, we are here to help you plan a private charter yacht vacation while prioritizing everyone’s health and safety, and fulfilling your vacation dreams in a socially responsible manner.

Covid-19 Travel Information by Charter Destination:

Summary of Caribbean islands

Antigua and Barbuda

US Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands

St. Martin & Area


Turks & Caicos






Please inquire for more information on other destinations.

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