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Scuba Diving Yacht Charters

Whether you are an experienced scuba diver or want to learn, a Charter Yacht Vacation is the perfect way to enjoy some of the best scuba diving around the world. Many Charter Yachts have scuba gear and crew who are also Dive Masters or Dive Instructors, so they can offer scuba diving onboard as one of the many activities to enjoy. There is noting quite like the feeling of returning from an incredible scuba dive to a warm shower and gourmet meal, as you share the remarkable things you saw on your dive.

With an itinerary customized to your schedule and pace, you can scuba dive at your leisure, and go to the dive sites that you want. Many of the dive sites are in areas that are only accessible by charter yachts and smaller vessels, so you get to experience pristine coral reefs teeming with sea life. The non-diving members of your group will never feel left out when you dive, as most dive sites are also excellent for snorkeling too, or they can enjoy one of the many other activities offered onboard the yacht, or venture ashore while you dive.

Scuba diving from a charter yacht offers custom-tailored diving and guidance from your personal crew, based on your skill and comfort level. New divers especially benefit from having an instructor who is also their crew for the week, as it offers them more time to discuss any questions or concerns, and allows for a training schedule at their pace, while they enjoy the rest of their vacation. Experienced and avid divers also love scuba diving to suit their interests, skill level, and pace. For example, if they want to focus on underwater photography, they can take the time needed during their dive to get that perfect shot. Checkout our Underwater Photo Gallery.

Who Can Dive?

Generally speaking, anyone over the age of 10 and in good health can scuba dive. Otherwise, it depends on whether the crew are Dive Masters or Dive Instructors. Dive Masters can typically only take Certified Divers diving, but Dive Instructors can teach new divers how to dive, and offer what is called a Discover Scuba Course (also known as a Resort Course), Certification Course, and other courses.

How do I find the best yacht to Scuba Dive from?

Contact us! We are experienced scuba divers ourselves and familiar with the scuba destinations around the world. We will help you explore the various charter and scuba destinations around the world, based on your scuba diving level and how many times you would like to dive. If you want to dive every day, we will recommend yachts that offer more dives and that have compressors to refill the air tanks onboard. If you would like to learn to dive, we will recommend yachts that have instructors onboard, and who can offer a Discover Scuba Course, or even a Certification Course.

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