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Multiple Yacht Charters

Multiple yacht charters are a ton of fun and the perfect way to bring large groups together on an island-hopping adventure! Whether you are a group of friends, families, or colleagues, The Charter Yacht Company will help arrange the best yachts to charter, as well as itinerary and activities to enjoy as a group. If you are celebrating a special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary, etc., we will assist you in the planning. If you are looking for a specialized charter, such as racing in a regatta, scuba diving, fishing, yoga & wellness, etc., we will provide you with the best options and information to suit your endeavors. In most cases, you can raft up together at anchor, and if people want to do different things, i.e., some want to fish or scuba dive, while others want to sunbathe or go ashore, then the yachts can always split up and rendezvous later. You can have meals and social gatherings together, whether it's on the yacht, at the beach, or at a local establishment. Whether you choose a fully crewed yacht or bareboat, multiple yacht charters are always a blast!

Interested in joining one of our preplanned Flotilla Charters or creating one of your own?


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