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Book Now to take advantage of excellent discounts!

Book Now to take advantage of excellent discounts, as well as free cancellation and rescheduling due to Covid-19. Private vacation rentals are an ideal choice during these times while implementing social distancing to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Casting off on a private charter yacht is a great way to isolate from others and get away from the crowds while still enjoying the outdoors, activities, and adventure. Cruising on a private yacht in less populated destinations provides less potential exposure to the virus compared to resorts, cruise ships, and other heavily traveled tourist destinations. On a charter yacht, you are mainly only in contact with those who join you on vacation, which is generally family or close friends. You are in control of your itinerary, so you can easily choose more remote areas with little to no interaction with other travelers. The yacht provides a safe and contained living space as you explore the incredible cruising destinations and natural environments, with many adventures to experience. It is easy to ensure that nothing boards the vessel without being sanitized. The yacht Managers and Crew are implementing stringent protocols to sanitize, monitor, and screened for the virus. As an industry, we are monitoring the cruising destinations and are in close contact with their authorities, to ensure we have the latest information to provide our clients. Chartering a yacht in your own country is a good idea while travel restrictions are in place. Still, if you prefer to travel internationally, many yachts are now offering free cancelation and rescheduling if your plans are impacted by travel restrictions or illness due to Covid-19. There are also some great discounts, up to 40% off the charter rate to be had!