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Worried that you might feel trapped on a boat for a week?

We often hear this concern from clients who are new to Charter Yacht Vacations. Some people ask if they can spend half the week on the yacht, and the rest of their time on land at a resort. They are worried that they will feel "trapped" on the boat for a week, and limited by what they can do. However, in our experience, the opposite is true! In fact, being on a Charter Yacht gives you much more freedom. By spending more time on the yacht, you can explore even more of the destination, and without having to worry about packing your bags for each outing, etc.

A Charter Yacht Vacation is like being at a floating villa or resort that moves from one paradise location to the next, with a new adventures and scenery to enjoy each day. There is so much to do and explore, whether you want to hike, snorkel, scuba dive, lounge on the beach or yacht, wake board, kayak, go on an island tour, go shopping, hit the beach bar, etc., you can do all this and more right from your yacht. Some islands are uninhabited, while others have wonderful establishments, historical sights, nature parks, and communities to visit. In fact, most of the local resorts cater to Charter Yachts guests as well, allowing them to enjoy the resort restaurants and bars, and use the facilities, such as pool, spas, etc.

Your dinghy is your taxi to and from shore, but you can also often kayak, SUP or swim to and from shore as well! The itinerary is set to your preference, and a typical day includes a leisure breakfast, then a cruise to a great anchorage filled with sights and activities for lunch, then a cruise to another paradise location with gorgeous views to spend the night. However, if you want to just stay in one spot, you can certainly do that as well. Check out our Activities Page for just some of the wonderful things you can do on a Charter Yacht Vacation. All in all a Charter Yacht Vacation is the ultimate island hopping adventure!