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When the going gets tough...the effects of Covid-19 on the Charter Yacht Industry

These are certainly turbulent and uncertain times as we come to terms with the reality of the covid-19 pandemic circumstances. The concerns over everyone's health, safety, and livelihood have been widespread and multifaceted. As a Charter Yacht Broker, my first concern was for my clients that were traveling when the borders began to close, especially those that were traveling in remote areas and without reliable internet/phone reception. I made sure to update them with travel advisories from their home countries and the areas they were traveling in, ensuring that they made it home easily and safely. When borders closed and quarantine measures were placed, many charters had to be canceled and rescheduled. Many of the crew have been quarantined on board the yachts, away from their home countries and families. Others had to make the difficult choice to leave their job and repatriate back to their home countries to be with their families. The cruising areas have been very vigilant at reducing the spread of the virus in their regions and it has proven to be effective. However, many of these countries also rely on tourism and it's had an impact on their economy. Understandably, some of my clients are concerned about traveling in the future, while others are eager to get back on a yacht vacation. Some are also experiencing financial loss or insecurity. Each client has different circumstances and concerns, and I've tried to address each accordingly. A combination of patience, ethics, and innovation, has proven to be the best course of action to navigate these uncertain times and work towards the future. As an industry, we are working together to help each other mitigate the losses and implement protocols to ensure private charter yacht travel can continue safely and responsibly. We are working towards implementing very strict screening and sanitization measures. We are also creating clauses in the Charter Agreement that address in-depth protocols concerning covid-19, to allow for rescheduling and cancellation if need be, as well as steps to take if there is suspected contact with the virus. I am incredibly proud of the Charter Yacht Industry, as we work together to navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times. As countries plan to reopen their borders and businesses, people are choosing private charter yacht travel for their future vacations. A charter yacht provides a contained living space, and with strict protocols in place, it allows you to explore some of the most idyllic destinations in the world while reducing the risk of contact and spread of covid-19. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to help arrange a charter yacht vacation for you in the future. 1-866-599-2248


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