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We Are Hiring!

We are looking for highly motivated and dynamic individuals to join our Charter Yacht Broker Team!

Work remotely, and travel for work! We encourage you to explore the various charter destinations and attend trade shows worldwide to gain expertise within the Charter Yacht Industry.

Work independently, with professional guidance and administrative support. We will provide you with the training, resources, and administrative support you need to sell charters, but we encourage you to manage your clients independently and do not micro-manage.

Work at your own pace. The Charter Yacht Company will provide you with leads, or you can create your own leads and earn higher commissions. You can work part-time or full-time, and only take on as much as you can handle.

Follow your passions! If you would like to focus on a certain type of charter, or charter destination, etc., we welcome you to share your ideas and encourage you to follow your passions while offering you professional support and insight to assist with your endeavors.

Grow within the company! We encourage you to grow within the company, by gaining expertise, a client base, and following your passions. You may start with a small lead and client base, but we encourage you to build on that base by providing you with resources to market yourself and stay engaged with your leads and clients. We also offer you higher commissions for leads you bring to the company through your own marketing initiatives or personal connections. Very successful and proficient brokers may be offered future partner opportunities in the company.

Job Description

Provide potential clients with well-informed and accurate information on the various charter destinations and yacht options available, to find them the best yacht and crew to suit their needs. Provide excellent customer service and maintain high ethical standards. Facilitate the booking process, with administrative support from The Charter Yacht Company, as well as assist with basic pre-planning tasks for the charter. Keep in contact with your leads and client base to encourage future bookings. Assist with marketing and partner networks to promote growth for you and the company. Assist with administrative and marketing tasks on a contract-basis (optional).

We are looking for individuals who posses knowledge and experience in the Charter Yacht Industry. Other ideal skills, experience, traits, etc., are:

- Proficient use of Social Media.

- Proficient computer skills.

- Proficient math skills.

- Clear communication skills.

- Marketing skills and experience.

- Excellent Customer Service skills and experience.

- High ethical standards.

- Motivated, self-driven, and hardworking.

- Organized and punctual while managing leads and clients.

- Passionate about selling Charter Yacht Vacations and a desire to provide the best and most accurate information possible.

- Able to gain and provide your own lead base.

- Travel and boating experience.

- Experience working in the Travel Industry.

Salary will be in US Dollars and on a commission basis, scaled depending on the lead source, and your experience/proficiency, but will be approximately as follows:

6-7% of the Charter Fee for bookings from leads provided by The Charter Yacht Company. For example $1800-$2100 for a $30,000 Charter Fee.

8% of the Charter Fee for bookings from leads you generate. For example $2400 for a $30,000 Charter Fee.

Optional set paid jobs for administrative and marketing task may be offered on a contract bases at approximately $20/hour.

For more information or to apply please email:


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