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Tips and Tricks to Start Planning your Charter Vacation in the Caribbean

It can be difficult and overwhelming choosing the right yacht and crew for your charter yacht vacation, especially if it's your first time embarking on an island hopping adventure. Rest assured, these tips and tricks will help you greatly throughout the booking process!

Things to keep in mind when viewing yacht options

  • Navigate the online brochure using the tabs to find photos of the yacht, the specifications of the yacht (specs), a crew profile, a sample menu, reviews, and availability.

  • Sample menus listed are just examples of the meals prepared onboard.  The chefs are very versatile and will prepare a menu customized to your preferences and dietary requirements.

  • You will be spending most of your time outdoors in areas like the flybridge, bow, and the cockpit, so when it comes to viewing sleeping arrangements, please keep in mind that it's just for sleeping. There are so many outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, playing with water toys, beach combing, bar hopping, etc.

  • Some yachts offer scuba diving onboard.  For the yachts that do not offer scuba onboard, you can always do a “rendezvous dive,” where a local dive boat comes right alongside your yacht and takes you diving.  

  • Extra kayaks, paddleboards, fishing gear, etc., can be rented in most areas of the Caribbean.

  • Most of the bed mattresses on yachts are custom-sized.  Some e-brochures will indicate a bed as a “double,” meaning it can sleep 2 people when it is, in fact, a queen or king-sized bed.  If you have any confusion or concerns in this regard, please let me know, and I will help clarify.

  • Often, you can’t judge a yacht by its size since some newer, smaller designs boast more comfort than the older, bigger ones.  

How do I know I'm choosing the right crew?

Like any position, crew are hired based on their qualifications and experience. Yacht owners select couples or professional teams who manage their yacht up to a high level of standards. You can be confident knowing that your crew are fully qualified with options we recommend.

Crew bio's can be found under the online brochures, and offer a great introduction to the members of the team. If you have any other specific questions for crew, just simply ask your broker!

When do I get to plan the Itinerary?

Your crew will typically reach out to discuss your charter vacation around 1 to 2 weeks prior to your charter. They will introduce themselves and ask/answer any questions you have.

The itinerary is set to your preference, so if you want to cruise, snorkel, hike, etc., you can do all this and more right from your yacht.  The Crew will make recommendations based on your preferences and lead you to your endeavors.  A typical day includes a leisure breakfast, then a cruise to a great anchorage filled with sights and activities for lunch, then a cruise to another paradise location with gorgeous views to spend the night. Keep in mind that the itinerary is not set in stone and can be changed at anytime based on how you feel and the weather. If you prefer more activities or relaxation time, your crew will make it happen!

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