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North Sound - BVI Highlights

North sound has been working hard since hurricane Irma in 2017 to restore treasured locations like the Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock. Have a look at some exciting highlights of North Sound and all there is to offer in this one location!

Saba Rock officially re-opened in October 2021. This small island has some great views and is a perfect spot for afternoon lunch or evening dinner. Stop in to its boutique store or play some games on the upper deck with spectacular views.

This one bay is a great place to enjoy an afternoon! Offering a gourmet food market, coffee shop, boutique shopping, and deep bay waterspouts. Have an afternoon cocktail at Nova restaurant and enjoy one of their sushi boats.

The Bitter End Yacht club is set to reopen mid-December offering many amenities including the watersports playground it once was. Baccus will be mixing his new cocktail at the marina beach, so be sure to stop by and try his ooh la la! A refreshing lemongrass and pineapple concoction.

Levric Bay is an ideal location for some afternoon fun in a beach side pool or a drink at the beach bar. Blue Rush Watersports is now offering a try SNUBA experience. Don't miss out on Happy Arrr with Michael Beans' pirate show. He is a great musician, offering entertainment for all ages!

North Sound Reef

Snorkeling along the outer reef in north sound, a less shelter area, has some fantastic sea life including puffer fish, trumpet fish, and stunning coral reefs not seen in many places of the British Virgin Islands. If you're feeling adventurous, this is an excellent snorkeling location!

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