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Yacht Vacations for those with Restrictions or Disabilities

There is no better way to experience the most exotic destinations in the world, than from a private chartered yacht. Charter yacht vacations are a great option for groups looking for adventure, to explore, or just relax under the sun. They can be an ideal choice for those with certain restrictions or disabilities, as you enjoy the adventure and experiences without having to leave the comfort of your yacht. Also, swimming and floating in the water can be very liberating for those who have mobility issues on land. That said, finding the right charter yacht to suit the needs of everyone is very important, but even more so for those who have a restriction or disability. The Charter Yacht Company recommends that any restrictions or disabilities be mentioned when submitting your Charter Inquiry, so our brokers will be able to assist you in finding the ideal yacht to suit the needs of that person.


Some restrictions may not be a cause for concern in day to day life, but need to be considered when chartering a yacht. For example, some Charter Yachts may be small and unstable, so if you are very tall, or bigger in size, or of an older age, etc., you should consider yacht options that will help accommodate your needs. Catamarans, Monohulls, and Power Yachts are very different in terms of space around the yacht and within the cabins. Some important features to consider is the size of the bed, shower, and bathroom for those who are taller or bigger in size. Additionally, boarding and off boarding the yacht can be difficult, as sometimes the only means of getting ashore is by dinghy or climbing down a swim ladder. Please consider a larger yacht if more room is needed within the showers, cabins and bathrooms. A larger yacht is also generally more stable on the water. Also, consider a yacht with a larger dinghy, as it can be more stable when stepping to and from the yacht.


Disabilities may consist of physical, emotional, cognitive or behavioral challenges. For any concerns about physical, emotional, cognitive or behavioral challenges, it is best to speak with one of our charter yacht brokers. Some things to consider for a physical disability is the stability of the yacht, space onboard and the means of onboard and off boarding the yacht. For any emotional, cognitive, or behavioral challenges, a focus will be on choosing the ideal crew. A Crew that are accommodating and have an understanding of these challenges will be better suited. Also, a more tailored charter experience may be needed for safety reasons.

For any concerns regarding someone with a restriction or disability, please speak to one of our Charter Yacht Brokers. We take pride in providing a personalized experience to suite the needs of our clients and will gladly make recommendations accordantly. We can be reached at

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