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The Essentials

  • Check your passports ahead of time and ensure they have not expired or due to expire 3 months after your charter.  It’s also a good idea to take a photo of your passport and other ID, in case you lose them.

  • If you are a Certified Scuba Diver and plan to dive, then be sure to bring proof of your Scuba Certification.  

  • Some establishments do not accept credit cards, so be sure to bring some cash.  There are some ATM’s, but getting to them may take away from fun-in-the-sun time, so it’s better to plan ahead.  Your charter is not inclusive of land transfer costs, so you will need to have some cash for taxi transport, if applicable.  The Crew gratuity, which is customarily 15-20% of the charter fee, is usually paid in cash, but some Crew can accept personal checks, credit card, or money transfers.   Please confirm with us or your Crew beforehand.


  • Island foot attire is generally sandals, sneakers or nothing at all.  Barefoot is preferred aboard your Charter Yacht, but if you would rather wear shoes, then they should be the kind with non-marking soles, and you may be asked to wear them only onboard, not onshore where you can pick up sand and tiny rocks that scratch the deck.  Be sure to put extra sunscreen on the tops of your feet if they haven’t seen the light of day in a while!

  • You can dress up or dress down to however you feel comfortable.  On shore, at the local bars and restaurants, you will see people wearing shorts and t-shirts, while others wearing slacks and collared shirts or sundresses.  Some high-end restaurants do require men to wear dress pants, collared shirts, and close-toed shoes, and women are asked to dress elegantly.

  • You will probably find that you spend most of your time in a bathing suit and t-shirt or cover-up, so you can pack lightly.  Light long-sleeve shirt and long pants are good for the evenings and on the plane ride. 

  • A light rain jacket, sunglasses and hat are a good idea.  Some people also bring a rash guard shirt to snorkel in, so their back does not get too much sun and to keep them warm if the water is cool.


  • Towels of all sizes are provided for you onboard. 

  • Most yachts also have a standard hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and sunscreen available for use, however there may be limited supply.  Please check with us or the Crew ahead of time.  Plenty of sunscreen is important, and mosquito repellant is a good idea for when going ashore in the evenings. 

  • Be sure to bring medications for any medical conditions or common ailments, as these can be hard to find in the islands. 

What Not To Bring

  • Do not bring anything other than prescription or over-the-counter drugs.  Medically prescribed Cannabis products are not legal onboard the yacht, even if the country you are travelling to allows it.  This is due to Maritime Law which deems them illegal, and even small amounts of any illegal drugs can land you in jail, the Captain stripped of his license, and the yacht seized.  Your Captain has the right to terminate your charter immediately if he/she discovers any such drugs onboard.


  • Sometimes your luggage takes a detour and on a Charter Yacht you’ll be moving from one beautiful anchorage to another, which makes it more difficult for your airline to return your delayed luggage to you.  A solution would be to pack everything in a soft sided carry-on bag.  But, if you find you need more baggage, then it is a good idea to bring some essentials in a carry-on that you might need for a few days, just in case.

  • Since storage is minimal on a yacht, it is best to pack everything in a soft bag which can be stowed easily without taking up too much space.​

Check List

  • Passport, other ID, Scuba Certification

  • Credit card, cash, personal checks

  • Batteries and chargers for electronic devices

  • Emergency contact information

  • Hat, Rain Jacket, Sunglasses

  • Light long sleeve shirt/pants

  • Shorts, Shirts, Sundresses

  • Bathing Suit, Cover-up’s

  • Medications and essential toiletries, Mosquito repellant, sunscreen

  • Sandals, non-marking sole shoes

Packing Tips
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