Travel Insurance

We do not sell insurance, and many of our clients already have insurance providers available with their financial intuitions, etc., however, if you are looking for an insurance provider, we would like to recommend the following options:


1) Gowrie Group Insurance Brokers offer comprehensive insurance options to suit your various needs. They are currently recommending the Safe Travels Voyager Policy with Trawick International. This policy recognizes Covid-19 as a Sickness, not a Pandemic. Therefore, If you are forced to cancel your trip due to Covid-19 illness or quarantine requirements, it will cover Trip Cancellation at 100% vs. a “Cancel for Any Reason” policy. Furthermore, Medical Coverage includes Sickness and Accident and since Covid-19 is a sickness, Medical, Medical Evacuation, Trip Interruption and Quarantining is all covered. There is also optional Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) which provides reimbursement for the percentage of the prepaid, non-refundable, forfeited payments you paid for your trip, if you cancel your trip for any reason not otherwise covered.

Here is a Brochure for more information.

You can choose to insure just a portion of your trip, and each couple/family can insurance their portion separately, if they wish.  Click here to Obtain a Quote.

Any questions on quoting your trip or questions on the policy, please reach out to Rick Bagnall of Gowrie Group via phone or email.

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2) Travel Guard
3) Travelex


Whether it's an accident, illness, extreme weather, or airline delay, occasionally there are reasons that our vacation arrangements are interrupted. This is why Travel Cancellation/Interruption Insurance is recommended. This Insurance will cover the reimbursement cost of your yacht charter, flights, hotel accommodations, etc., in the event that you must cancel your vacation for reasons predetermined by the various insurance policies.

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