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Windward Islands Highlights

This vast island chain boasts the immense Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Grenada, with rugged cliff sides, lush jungle environment and  mountain tops that disappear into the clouds above.  And the low lying islands of the Tobago Cays, with gorgeous white beaches emerging from turquoise waters.  Among these gorgeous islands are Caribbean villages full of vibrant culture and history.


A piece of France in the Caribbean and a delightful  established community.  From the busy city of Fort-de-France to the pleasant coastal towns, this islands is full of hospitality, culture and cuisine.  Shop the fashionable boutiques, stroll the markets, and visit the many museums ashore. Tuck yourself into any of the lively marinas, snorkel the coral reefs and enjoy an array of water sports. 

St. Lucia

From the first sight of the remarkable Piton mountains peaks, St. Lucia’s lush jungles, waterfalls, secluded coves, and beaches are sure to impress.  The tropical wildlife, fruits and flowers are truly splendid.  Rimmed with beautiful beaches and rugged cliff sides, the beauty of St. Lucia is around every corner as you trace its shores.  With the picturesque towns of Soufriere, Marigot and Rodney Bays, enjoy the intriguing and friendly communities ashore.  Discover the fantastic diving and snorkeling at Trou Au Diable and throughout St. Lucia.  St. Lucia is an outstanding piece of paradise. 

St. Vincent

Majestic mountainsides teaming with lush jungle and tropical wildlife are the best depiction of St. Vincent’s pristine natural beauty.  Its sheer magnificence is astonishing and evokes admiration to all those who cruise this gorgeous island.  Unspoiled by over-saturated tourism, visitors to this country are immersed in the island’s genuine Caribbean environment and culture.  With stretches of beautiful beaches,  great anchorages and snorkeling, St. Vincent is a fantastic island to enjoy on your Grenadines voyage.  Hike the Soufriere volcano rim with its huge smoking crater dome, visit the Falls of Baleine or Trinity Falls, and their exotic jungle surroundings. 


A favored anchorage for cruisers, with great restaurants, beautiful beaches, shopping, and vibrant culture.  Much of this islands culture is based on the trade of building traditional wooden boats.  Enjoy the exciting town in Admiralty Bay, or the serenity of Friendship Bay.  Pop over to Petit Nevis on your way to Mustique for some great snorkeling. 


An elite island with luxury vacation homes for the rich and famous.  Stroll the stretches of lovely white beaches, snorkel the healthy coral reef and rent a golf cart to explore this beautiful island with remarkable island mansion estates.  With only one beach bar on the island, there is always a good chance to sight a few famous faces.   


This rapidly developing island has a new elite resort at its shores, with a restaurant, casino, and golf course.  With spectacular beaches, outstanding scenery and quant village, this is a great stop during your Grenadines voyage. 

Tobago Cays & Mayreau

Island hop your way through these small gorgeous cays.  Meet the few local inhabitants and taste their famous rum.  These enchanting islands are rimmed with beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters and superb reefs to snorkel or dive.  With glorious views of the open ocean as you enjoy the calm waters within the reefs protection. 

Union Island

With its dramatic mountainsides, wonderful stretch of white beach and a pristine anchorage, Union Island is a spectacular sight.  Enjoy the fantastic snorkeling on vast coral reef, and venture ashore to the friendly town full of character. 

Palm Island & Petit St. Vincent & Petit Martinique

Palm Island and PSV are known for their luxury resorts and Petit Martinique’s has intriguing seafaring community ashore.  Enjoy the marvelous beaches lapped with turquoise waters and gorgeous coral reefs.  


Famed for having over 100 rum shops, this gorgeous island is home to a delightful laid back society.  This is a great place to enjoy “local scene” and immerse yourself in the culture and natural beauty of this island.  The islands between Carriacou and Grenada are a wonderful sights, but none of them  offer sheltered anchorages.  Most are famous for their mass bird populations and the infamous live volcano called Kick’em Genny. 


A spectacular island with lush green mountainsides filled with tropical flowers, spice trees, rivers, and glorious fresh waterfalls.  This islands is a hikers paradise and a yachting hotspot with a large marine community.  With a plethora of anchorages, great diving and snorkeling, and  fantastic fun ashore, Grenada is a cruiser’s delight. 

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