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Chartering a Yacht in the Coral Triangle of Indonesia

Chartering a Yacht in The Coral Triangle of Indonesia is a magical journey through one of the most beautiful island systems in the world, rimmed with the world's healthiest reefs, which are teeming with sea life and pelagic wildlife. Discover the ancient cultures and tribes, with their welcoming hospitality, and the respect and pride for their natural environment. Venture through the rainforests, alive with flora and fauna and a multitude of species. This remote part of the world is only accessible by boat, and transcends you to another time and place, untouched by modern technology.

The Coral Triangle of Indonesia consists of approximately 17,000 islands of the Indonesian archipelago. While The Coral Triangle comprises only 1.6% of the planet’s oceans, it is home to over 76% of all known coral species in the world.

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Sequoia is one of the few yachts that charter in the seemingly untouched waters of The Coral Triangle of Indonesia. This handcrafted 86-feet (26-meter) wooden yacht is designed with an emphasis on space, privacy and comfort. Learn more about Sequoia here

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