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Antigua Sample Itinerary

With over 300 gorgeous beaches and an abundance of serene bays to anchor, Antigua and Barbuda are an outstanding cruising destination.  Tuck yourself into any of the pristine coves, and let the surreal turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and warm trade winds delight your senses.  Explore the many inlets and shallows by kayak or dinghy, snorkel the stunning coral reefs, stroll the infinite beaches.  Whether you want complete seclusion or to enjoy the vibrant culture and communities ashore, these islands offer the best of both.  With picturesque villages full of culture, history, and 18th century architecture, to beach bars and gourmet restaurants to enjoy.  Barbuda could be described as heaven on earth, with not a single paved road, horses running free, an array of wild life, and gorgeous endless white/pink beaches.  The waters are so turquoise that even passing clouds mirror a hint of blue-green.  From mountainous topography, sculpted cliff-sides and caves, to vast beach shores, these islands offer an array of natural beauty. 

Day 1: English Harbour – Green Island and Nonsuch Bay
Distance – 6 Nautical Miles
Time – 1 hour cruising at 6 knots
Begin your charter among the historical ruins of this unique harbour dating back to 1745.  English Harbour is the yachting capital of Antigua and is a main base for sailing superyachts which make a grand spectacle on the docks.  During your passage towards Green Island, you will pass Mamora Bay, location of the prestigious St James Club with one of the few places you can get "room service" on board your own boat and enjoy many other facilities. This Bay is home to Eric Clapton, and visited by many luxury power yachts throughout the season. Arriving at Green Island you will notice it's unspoiled by buildings and has an abundance of bird life including red-billed tropic birds, ospreys and pelicans. On Green Islands western side, Rickett Harbour is a quiet spot with two lovely white sand beaches dropping into glass clear water with plenty of reefs to snorkel.  After spending your day around Green Island it is a short 15-minute cruise into Nonsuch bay where there is lots of protection for that evening’s anchorage.  Founder of Victoria’s Secret clothing line has a home in this Bay and there is also a house made completely out of Glass, both which can be seen from the water.

Day 2: Nonsuch bay – Great Bird Island
Distance – 8.5 Nautical Miles
Times – 1 hour 30 minutes cruising at 6 knots
Wake up in the calmness of paradise to prepare for the second day of your charter, which will give the opportunity to sail among hundreds of island outcrops and shallow reefs, allowing you to witness clear water and untouched natural surroundings. The cruise from Nonsuch bay offers something special around every turn.  Arriving at Great Bird Island, to the east of Long Island, you will be greeted with a dramatic view of oddly shaped rocks and deserted islets. This wild and uninhabited area has many delightful anchorages either for the day or overnight.  Surrounding reefs again give a great chance to see nature up close in or out of the water.  This place gives the sense of being in a remote area, completely at peace and is one of Antigua’s best anchoring areas.  Choose to stay in this location overnight or take the short crossing over to the Long Island anchorage in Jumby bay. Here you can view the exclusive private resort ashore with many private houses on the island. 

Day 4: Dickinson Bay – Jolly Harbour
Distance: 5 Nautical miles
Time: 50 minutes cruising at 6 knots
Leaving Dickinson Bay behind you will pass the charming Deep Bay, with its long sandy beach it is home to one of the best wreck snorkel sites the Caribbean has to offer. The wreck of the ship ‘Andes’ is conveniently located in the middle of the bay and has created a natural habitat for a variety of fish life, including a near 2 metre barracuda simply named ‘John’. He may look scary but will not bother any passing swimmers.  Looking out over the bay is the ruins of Fort Barrington which can be accessed along a
pathway at the northern end of the beach and stands with commanding views of the surrounding area. Visitors can also enter the ruins to find themselves in the dungeons of the old fort.  Sunsets from this location are also not to be missed. Continuing down the coast you will arrive at Five Island Harbour; this magnificent bay has beaches and mangroves to entice you ashore.  This evening’s anchorage will give another chance to spend some time ashore in Jolly Harbour. Here there is nightlife activities, casinos and many other forms of entertainment.  New Year’s Eve and other annual celebrations in Jolly Harbour show off the best fireworks display in Antigua, with 5 separate displays to be viewed from your yacht out in the bay or ashore.

Day 6: Ffryes Bay – English Harbour
Distance: 8.5 Nautical miles
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Rise to the soothing tones of nature as you head around the south-west tip of Antigua with magnificent views of the rainforest ashore, this passage back into English harbour will give you a real sense of appreciation and allow you to start planning your next charter in the Caribbean!  Taxi and porter services will assist you from the vessel to your required accommodation or flight.

Day 3: Great bird Island – Dickinson Bay
Distance: 7 Nautical miles
Time: 1 hour 10 minutes cruising at 6 knots
Day three offers a change of pace for your charter, allowing you to take the opportunity to go ashore and eat, drink and play in one of Antigua’s most relaxing and fun locations.  Cruising through the Boon channel you will anchor in Dickinson Bay, here there is the famous Tatiki floating bar (adults only), restaurants of all cuisines and a variety of water sport facilities for your enjoyment. Local village shops decorate the coastline and show off Antigua’s vibrant culture.  Dickinson Bay will leave you with a warm sunset accompanied by soothing live music.  Nearby you can also take a short cab ride to Antigua’s capital commercial area, St. John.  Here you can gather any provisioning you may require, take covid tests before departure and make use of many other facilities.

Day 5: Jolly Harbour - Ffryes Bay
Distance: 3 Nautical miles
Time: 30 minutes cruising at 6 knots
Leaving Jolly Harbour down to Ffryes Bay lets you relax along the calm stretch of three beaches, each separated by headlands. Each Bay visited in this area is especially attractive

for lunch stops. Take it all in at one of the many cocktail lounges matched with pleasant views for all to enjoy.  Many would choose this spot to enjoy the amazing Caribbean sun sinking into the ocean that evening.

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