The Caribbean is considered the best cruising grounds in the world, with warm waters, outstanding beaches, and exceptional coral reefs.  Each island has a unique setting, with some islands rich in Caribbean culture and European flare, and other islands completely uninhabited.   From lush tropical rainforests to endless white beaches, and vast coral reef systems, these islands offer so much to do and explore, above and below the water’s edge.

The Virgin Islands  

    Virgin Islands Sample Itinerary

    US Virgin Islands Sample Itinerary

St. Martin & Area (Leeward Islands) 

    St. Martin & Area Sample Itinerary

Antigua & Area
The Grenadines (Windward Islands)

    The Grenadines Sample Itinerary


Cruise the Mediterranean with its scenic coastlines and crystal-clear waters.  This area is incredibly rich in diverse cultures and ancient history, offering a fascinating charter yacht vacation experience.  The yachting in the Mediterranean is world renown, with incredible anchorages and marinas, as each port offering an abundance of things to experience and explore. 


   Balearic Islands Sample Itinerary

   Corsica Sample Itinerary

   Sardinia Sample Itinerary

   French Rivera Sample Itinerary 

   Ionian Sample Itinerary

Cyclades Sample Itinerary

Croatia Sample Itinerary

   Turkey Sample Itinerary 

North America

From the gorgeous sand-swept islands in the Bahamas with its incredible coral reefs to the Florida Keys and coastline with an array of experiences to be had.  Enjoy the wonderful maritime history and cruising grounds in New England and East Coast Canada.  Discover the incredible scenic coastlines and island chain of West Coast Canada and Alaska.

Bahamas Sample Itinerary

New England Sample Itinerary

East Coast Canada

West Coast Canada & Alaska

South America, South Pacific, & Exotics

Explore the hidden jewels of some of the most exotic destinations in the world.  These are such unique cruising areas, with fascinating cultures and history, from Mayan temples to Tahitian villages and Thai Markets.  Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring nature, from pinnacles protruding from the ocean to atolls and blue holes, and coral reefs teeming with sea life.  Enjoy serene passages in turquoise waters through the intricate island chains rimmed with powder-white beaches.


French Polynesia

Whitsundays, Australia Sample Itinerary

On a Charter Yacht Vacation, each destination offers a new opportunity for an array of experiences and adventures!  There are so many gorgeous locations to choose from; one thing is for sure, your expectations will be blown away no matter which destination you choose. 

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