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Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines  
One Way: Martinique to St. Vincent

Day One
Martinique to St. Lucia

Set off for St. Lucia, where Port Elizabeth welcomes you with shops, restaurants, and island flair.  Spend the day meandering around town, take a tour to the top of Mouth Pleasant for a view of the surrounding islands, or visit the turtle sanctuary that has protected hawksbills since 1995.  Settle in to a wonderful first evening onboard your Charter Yacht and get excited for the adventures ahead.

Day Two
Bequia to Mustique

Head South towards Mustique, stopping in Petit Nevis for some great snorkeling.  Mustique is an island known for it's many celebrities that own homes or visit there.  Rent a golf cart to explore the island beaches and incredible scenery.   Stroll the stretches of lovely white beaches, snorkel the healthy coral reef.  A handful of luxury shops and restaurants are onshore, including the Firefly, where the martini menu is as legendary as the harbor view.  Leave a few hours for sipping a Full Mosquito (made with cranberry and lime juice) with a view of your charter yacht at sunset...and perhaps a few celebrities as well.

Day Three
Mustique to the Tobago Cays

Set sail for the Tobago Cays, a group of small islands made up of white sand beaches.   This is a water-lover’s paradise, with aqua-marine blues and turquoise stretching as far as you can see.  Swimming and snorkeling are favorite pastimes here, with sea turtles favoring several of the local reefs.  With glorious views of the open ocean as you enjoy the calm waters within the reefs protection.   When the sun goes down, go ashore for a beach barbecue of freshly caught lobster or conch.

Day Four
Tobago Cays to Mayreau

Enjoy a cruise to Mayreau, the smallest inhabited island in the Grenadines, with its "Old Wall Village" only accessible by boat.   Saltwhistle Bay is a well-protected harbor with a vast white sand beach, and a wonderful place to spend the afternoon and evening enjoying watersports and the beach, as well as incredible views.

Day Five
Mayreau to Petit St. Vincent

 Venture to Petit St. Vincent, a tranquil remote island, with so much to explore.  Hike to the summit filled with tropical plants, including local orchids, wonderful sea breeze and awe-inspiring views.  Enjoy snorkeling and an array of water sports in the paradise location.  Enjoy the marvelous beaches lapped with turquoise waters and gorgeous coral reefs.   

Day Six
Petit St. Vincent to Carriacou

 Carriacou boasts tranquil white-sand beaches to explore, and wonderful reefs to snorkel and dive.  Famed for having over 100 rum shops, this gorgeous island is home to a delightful laid back society.  This is a great place to enjoy “local scene” and immerse yourself in the culture and natural beauty of this island.  The islands between Carriacou and Grenada are a wonderful sights, but none of them  offer sheltered anchorages.  Most are famous for their mass bird populations and the infamous live volcano called Kick’em Genny. 

Day Seven
Carriacou to Grenada

 Grenada offers so much to do and explore.  Options include a visiting shops and restaurants in the bustling capital of St. George’s, a tour of the working Belmont Estate cocoa plantation, or a hike through the Grand Etang Rainforest for a refreshing swim in the cool, fresh waters of St. Margaret’s Falls.  With a plethora of anchorages, great diving and snorkeling, and  fantastic fun ashore, Grenada is a cruiser’s delight. 

Day Eight
End of Charter

Spend the morning soaking in all the beauty of Grenada.  This spectacular island boasts lush green mountainsides filled with tropical flowers, spice trees, rivers, and glorious fresh waterfalls.   Cherish the memories of your Charter Yacht Vacation and start planning your next trip!

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