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Referral Benefits

We appreciate your recommendation of us to others, and to show our gratitude, we would like to offer you Referral Benefits!

Simply recommend The Charter Yacht Company to anyone interested in booking a Charter Yacht Vacation and who is not already working with another Charter Yacht Broker.  We will send you 2% of the Charter Fee for any booking generated from the referral you sent to us!  For example, if the Charter Fee is $25,000USD, we will send you $500!  


Please ask the person you refer to us to indicate that they were referred by you.  We will email you to inform you that we have received the referral and keep you posted on the booking status.  You can also provide them with this Inquiry Form.  Alternatively, you can provide us with the contact details of those you would like to refer to us, and we will contact them and keep you posted on the booking status.  We can even set up your own unique Inquiry Form URL that you can give to people or post on your website, and when they fill it out, it will automatically send you a copy of all the correspondence!  




We look forward to receiving your referrals!

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