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How do I find the best Yacht for me?  Contact us! We will give you the most unbiased and concise information possible. We truly take pride in finding the best option and value for your money!  The more we know about you, the better we can find the best options for you…so please ask any questions, and we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.  See our Yacht Options page for information on the various types of charters. We will also ask you questions, such as:
  • Bareboat, Captain Only or Fully Crewed Yacht with Chef?
  • Sailing Monohull or Sailing Catamaran?  Or Power Yacht?
  • Desired Dates?
  • How many people?  Ages?  Is everyone okay sharing two to a bed/cabin, or do some prefer their own cabin or single bed?
  • Do you require a yacht that offers Scuba Diving onboard?  Are you Certified Divers, or would you like to learn?
  • What types of cuisine do you like?  Do you prefer gourmet, simple/fresh/healthy, and/or home-style cooking?  Any particular dietary requirements?
  • What is your approximate budget?  The rates vary considerably, so this helps me know where to stop in terms of recommending options in respect to your budget.  For example, would you say your budget is under $2000/day, $3000/day, $4000/day, $5000/day, $6000/day, etc. all-inclusive?
  • A little about your selves and the activities you would like to do?
What day of the week do the charters start, and for how many days?  You can start finish you charter any day of the week. Most charters are for one week (8 days – 7 nights). Charters for less than 7 nights can be prorated, so divide by 7 and multiply by desired number of days.  Charters less than 6 nights may incur a short term charter premium. Charters for more than 7 nights may have special discounts. In all cases, we can quote you rates for any amount of days, and find the best option/rate for you.

What is the booking procedure?  When should I book?  It is important to book well in advance for popular travel times, such as Festive Holidays, Spring Break, etc.  Once we have narrowed down your choice to one yacht, it is very important for us to put a no-obligation "hold" on the yachts calendar while you are confirming the booking. This allows the time to pay deposit, sign the Charter Agreement, and firm up any airlines tickets.  A 25% deposit is required if your charter is booked more than 6 months in advance, then an another 25% deposit 6 months prior to the charter.  A 50% deposit is required if your charter is booked less than 6 months in advance.  The Final Balance is due 60 days prior to charter.  Charter Fees are payable by Credit Card, Check or Wire Transfer.  We can offer discounts for payments not made by Credit Card.  The funds are held In Trust until 10days prior to your charter.

What is the Cruising itinerary?  We try not to get too specific on Sample Cruising Itineraries.  After all, this is a vacation based on customization, so each day is set to your pace and preference. You go where you choose depending on how you feel that day and what adventures you wish to endeavor. If you're scuba diver, then much of your itinerary will be focused on the best diving spots.  If you a snorkel-enthusiast, then all the best snorkel spots are in store.  Want to party-it-up at the local beach bars or tuck into a serene bay?…it's your choice.  We offer you Island Highlights, and we are always happy to discuss itinerary possibilities further, based on your individual preferences. 

When is Hurricane Season? – Hurricane Season is June – November. That said, the weather is fantastic during this time of year…except for if there is hurricane. It is a very popular time to charter because the rates are reduced and the kids are out of school.  The odds of extreme weather are very rare, but this is just another reason why Travel. Cancellation/Interruption is recommended.  Of course in the case of a Hurricane, your safety is top priority and these storms are tracked very closely in the  Caribbean  and any threats are known about days in advance.  All in all, the  Caribbean  is known for its seemingly perfect weather, so the chances of having just that are much greater than the chance of a Hurricane.

Where should I charter? – Although we represent Charter Yachts worldwide, our cruising area of specialty is the Caribbean.  The most popular charter area in the Caribbean is the Virgin Islands because of its close-knit island chain which are ideal for island-hopping.  The waters are protected from the ocean swell and there are an abundance of pristine and sheltered bays, gorgeous beaches and fantastic coral reefs to snorkel and scuba dive.  These islands offer the perfect amount of serenity as well as intriguing culture ashore.  The Virgin Islands also have the most options for Charter Yachts in the Caribbean.  St. Martin Area is also popular with a vibrant culture and gorgeous beaches.  The Windward Islands offer jungle surroundings and awe-inspiring natural beauty.  Antigua and Barbuda offer an abundance of pristine bays to explore, gorgeous beaches and coral reefs.  Belize offers the second largest Barrier reef in the world.

Which Airport do I fly into? – After we have narrowed down your desired destination and a list of your preferred yachts, we can discuss which flight options are best for you.  For Virgin Island Charters, most Yachts will pick-up/drop-off in either the St. Thomas, USVI or Tortola, BVI, but there are some yachts that will only pick-up/drop-off in the BVI. Which is better?...starting your charter in the USVI may offer less expensive airfares and better flight itineraries, but starting your charter in the BVI puts you are right in middle of the best cruising grounds.  As an additional option, you can also fly into St. Thomas and ferry to/from Tortola.  The cost is $30/person, plus the cost of taxis.  Other Airports in the Caribbean: St Martin: Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM).  Antigua - V.C. Bird International/Coolidge Airport (ANU). St. Lucia: Castries/Vigie Airport (SLU) or Vieux Fort/Hewanorra Airport (UVF). St. Vincent & The Grenadines: Bequia (BQU), Canouan Island (CIW), Mustique Island (MQS), Palm Island (PLI), Kinston, St. Vincent/Arnos Vale Airport (SVD), Union Island (UNI). Grenada: Carriacou (CRU), Grenada: Grenville/Pearls Airport (GND), Grenada Pointe Saline (GNO). 

When does my charter start?  Should I stay at a hotel the night before or after my charter? – Your charter technically starts/finishes at noontime on the first/last day.  Of course you can arrive late and/or leave early, since many flights don't arrive in the islands until the afternoon anyway, and it is often preferable to return home on an early flight.  Some people choose to extend their vacation and stay in a hotel the first and/or last night of their trip.  Also, some of our yachts offer special "sleep-a-board" rates for late arrivals the first night.

Should I purchase Travel Insurance? – Whether it's an accident, illness, extreme weather or airline delays; occasionally there are reasons that our vacation arrangements must change.  This is why Travel Cancellation/Interruption Insurance is recommended. This Insurance will cover the reimbursement cost of your yacht charter, flights, hotel accommodations, etc., in the event that you must cancel your vacation for reasons predetermined by the various Insurance Policies.